Gift of Luxury, and Long Lashes…Lash Extensions!

Hey Guys,

Ok, you didn’t think I could blog every day in December and not do ONE post about Lash Extensions as a gift , did you!??

Lash Extensions are luxurious, popular, and save you time! They are amazing for the woman who always curls her lashes and spends time putting on several coats of mascara, or the woman who is busy and wants to wake up and go, or for the woman who always wished for longer lashes, but latisse and other products didn’t work. They are also GREAT if you want INSTANT BEAUTIFUL, LONG DARK LASHES without mascara, curling, or daily lash growth product for everyday wear or a special occasion.

Not only are they amazing, and people get dramatic results, but I can come to you in the comfort of your home.

Here are some recent dramatic before and after photos:

If you have ANY questions about lash extensions, or want to find out more and if they fit your lifestyle, feel free to email me .




Do-It-Yourself Gift: Homemade Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

Hey Guys!

I have been really into making do-it-yourself beauty products lately. I have a fun one to suggest to you all today- it’s a coffee sugar body scrub!! This is great for exfoliating and helping to reduce cellulite from the caffeine in that’s in coffee :) Who doesn’t enjoy that? Plus- if you’re a coffee lover, you’re going to love using this in the shower every morning. The scent will be very rich and strong.

If you want to make someone a Christmas gift this year, this coffee sugar body scrub could be a great personalized gift! You can customize the jar , with ribbon, and a label to make it your own!

Here’s what you will need:

  • An empty jar
  • Coffee- any flavor you want
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Olive Oil
  • Pinch of cinnamon

What I did was used two scoops of coffee, approximately 1/3 cup, also used 1/3 cup sugar, I used white, but you can use brown for a softer texture. Mix in some vanilla extract, and a pinch of cinnamon. Add olive oil until it’s the consistency you want. You don’t want it runny, but you want enough oil to help the sugar and coffee grounds stick together. Finally, put in a jar, and customize how you want!

If you want to try some other scrubs check out some of my other posts for aHomemade Oatmeal Brown Sugar body scrub and a face and body brown sugar scrub. 

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Lovelo Beauty December Gift Guides & Facebook and Instagram Links

Hey Guys!!

December is going to be an awesome month! It’s my favorite month of the year and I will be blogging everyday up until Christmas this month. Yes, that is a big commitment, but I’m going to do it for you guys. :)

Each day I will post a new gift idea, gifts for men and women. All of December will be a giant gift guide to give you guys some fun ideas for gifting beauty and style for the season!


I also wanted to take this post to share some of my Lovelo Beauty links. If you have not found me on Instagram yet, PLEASE DO! My Instagram link is: Lovelobeauty:) Find me!

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Love, Lauren


A SIMPLE solution to Sensitive Skin- Simple Skincare

Hey Guys,

A few blog posts ago, I wrote about a skincare line I was using. Long story short, that post got deleted. I love this skincare line so much, that I felt like I needed to re-tell, and re-write to tell you guys about it.

Over the past two months, I’ve been having trouble with sensitive skin. My face has been really dry, and much of my skin has been extremely irritated. In frustration I picked up a few items from the skincare line “Simple”  that I found at Target. I have fallen in love with this line for many reasons:

  • It does not irritate my skin at all
  • It’s all very hydrating
  • Fragrance and dye free
  • It’s affordable

The products I would recommend to all of you , if you have sensitive skin, are the cleansing wipes for quick makeup fixes. The moisturizing facial wash is very gentle, and takes off all my makeup quickly and effortlessly. The eye gel is also very soothing and feels very good around the eyes.

I would trust any of the products from Simple to use on myself or clients. :) I’m glad I got to share this with you all again, and if you have now seen me rave about this product line twice, it’s because it’s really REALLY good.

Love to you all-


(This photo comes from the Simple Skincare Website. )

Thymes Frasier Fir and Holiday Scents for Holiday 2012

Hey Guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is always the time that it really starts to feel like the Holidays. We put up the Christmas tree, decorate the house, start seeing Christmas lights on houses, and now we even have snow.  One of my favorite scents around this time of year is that “christmas tree” smell. I always grew up with an artificial tree, so when I discovered that THYMES had a scent called “frasier fir” it was very exciting.

Frasier Fir Holiday Candle

I have a candle, and bar soap that smell just like a Christmas tree. Frasier Fir is by far my favorite scent that Thymes creates. Thymes has all sorts of amazing home scented decor like soaps, lotions, candles, fragrance diffuser, cleaner, home fragrance mist and more. They are locally based in Minneapolis too, which makes me love them even more.

Another delicious scent that is limited time for holidays is Filigree. It includes notes of:   amber, juniper berry, cedarwood, neroli, spearment and lavender. Thymes gives FREE shipping on all orders over $50. They make great gifts because the packaging is beautiful and there is such a variety in scents.

Light, slightly crisp, clean and lovely, Filigree is a celebration of all that makes us unique. The signature scent of many spirited, loyal enthusiasts, Filigree is back as a limited-edition offering—just in time for the holidays.


Talk to you all soon with many more gift ideas all throughout the month of December leading up to Christmas!




(FTC: Pictures taken from Some products were provided by PR for consideration. I was not paid for this review or affiliated with the company. All my blogs reflect my honest opinions and ideas. )



Homemade Oatmeal Brown Sugar Body Scrub!

Hey Guys!

I made the BEST homemade body scrub the other day and had to share it with you! I have been really into making my own products these days. One of the biggest reasons I love doing that is that you know exactly what ingredients are going into your product! Plus, it’s super fun. :)

I shared with you all a brown sugar body scrub, but this is an OATMEAL brown sugar scrub. The reason I wanted oatmeal in this scrub is that oatmeal is a soothing and calming agent for the skin!

The ingredients that I put in this are:

Brown Sugar


Olive Oil

Vanilla Extract (for a delicious smell)

You should use a large bowl, put both however much brown sugar and oatmeal you want in the scrub, then add a little olive oil and keep adding olive oil until you get the consistency you want. At the very end, add a little vanilla extract.

The best part about this body scrub is that it smells and reminds of of cookie dough batter for some reason. It’s an amazing scrub to use in the shower! Hope you will try it out.


LOVE, Lauren

And, if you don’t hear from me, have a VERY happy, very thankful, Thanksgiving!!!


My Jewelry Secrets and Fashion Fixes…

Hey Guys!

Besides for makeup, jewelry is the other thing I LOVE to collect. There’s something about putting on a special piece of jewelry that makes you feel more glam or sophisticated.  However, the thing I’ve realized with jewelry is that  my taste changes frequently, so it’s hard to invest money in expensive pieces when I don’t know if it’s something I’ll love forever.

I like to play around with styles or necklaces, bracelets and earrings…and can’t afford expensive pieces. So, I’ve found a few tips along the way to find less expensive jewelry deals.

The first place I like to look is Ebay. Yes, believe it or not…I can find some really great deals on Ebay for jewelry, and I think it’s fun to bid on things and win if you get a really good deal. Everything I’ve gotten on ebay I’ve paid around $3 or less for. All you do is type in the search bar what you are looking for such as “rose gold bracelet”, then under the sort by tab, click “time ending soonest.” That way you can get your bids in right before it’s about to close, and be closer to winning!

Another place that I sometimes find great deals is Target. And, there’s a little secret to those clearance stickers. If the price on the sticker ends in “8” , you can wait because that item will get lowered again. If the price ends in “4” , that is the lowest the price is going, and you should snatch it up! 🙂

Lastly, do you ever find a ring that you love, but is too large, or earrings that are too heavy for your ears?? Well, the solution can be Blingguard. They have two different products, the blingdots are little sticky dots that go on the back of earrings and help the earring sit up on your ear, and prevent it from weighing down your ear. I LOVE these, because over the years of wearing heavy earrings, now I can wear them without worrying about them pulling my ear down. 

The other product is bling wraps which help to size your ring perfectly to your finger and keep it on your finger straight without turning and twisting around your finger. Comes with 30 disposable strips for $14.99

These would be great stocking stuffers for a jewelry lover, with the holidays coming up!


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“These products were provided from PR. I was not paid for this post, and my opinions about these products are always my own and honest.”



Eyeliner and Extensions- What Type of Eyeliner Should I Wear With Lash Extensions?

Hey Guys!

I get asked a lot of questions about eyeliner and what type is best when you have lash extensions. Even if you don’t have lash extensions, my recommendations may help you if you are considering getting extensions or just better understand eyeliner in general.

First, there are 4 common eyeliners out there. You have your:

Pencil Eyeliner which is very standard and basic, many people are familiar with pencils. Some pencils are smoother and creamier than others and some are made for the inner rim and some are not.

Liquid Eyeliner which is meant for creating sharp precise lines, very fluid and smooth . Often liquid is in the form of a pen.

Gel Eyeliner which goes on like a liquid very smooth and precise, but is a bit thicker and needs an eyeliner brush to dip into the gel and draw on the eye.

Shadow Eyeliner which is basically an eye shadow that can be used wet with a brush and creates a little bit more of a smudgy or smokey effect when applied.

The BEST for extensions is actually a Shadow Eyeliner. It is the easiest for most people to do, it is also the easiest to get off so you don’t have to rub at your eye and irritate the extensions.

The photo above is an eyeshadow palette. The two colors on the top row right side, ( a dark brown and black) would be the best choices when using and eyeshadow as liner for a natural look.

This is not to say you can’t use gel, liquid or pencil when wearing eyelash extensions, but the shadow liner will be the easiest to get on and off . On your lower lid, you can wear whichever kind of liner you choose since extensions are not applied to the lower lashes.

I hope this was helpful for some of you!! And, feel free to leave or ask any additional questions you may have.




Lipgloss Sending a Positive Message for Young Girls and Women!

“What’s Your Virtue?, a company founded by three friends who believe beauty starts from within. We want to remind all women of the simple and virtuous things in life. What better place to start than on your lips?”

Hey Guys,

A few weeks ago I discovered a up and coming lipgloss brand called LipBliss by the company What’s your Virtue?. I knew immediately I believed in what this company was doing and the message behind it. The purpose is to use positive virtues such as Devotion, Wisdom, Kindness, Generosity, as color names for their lipglosses.

It all started when a woman shopping with her teenage and pre-teen daughter discovered that many cosmetics company and their product names were innapropriate and sending negative messages to girls everywhere. She wanted to create a lipgloss that women could buy and feel good about gifting or buying for themselves.

I LOVE this concept, and would love to see this in more of our cosmetics out there today.

These would be great for woman of any age, the colors are pretty sheer or lightly tinted. They have a minty smell, and a very creamy , long lasting glossy texture.

They contain: castor, cranberry, and safflower seed oils, nourishing peppermint oil,  green tea extracts, and moisturizing vitamin E. LipBliss is gluten free, not tested on animals, and contains no parabens.

Go check out the website if you want to find out more information about LipBliss! :)

Love, Lauren