a little 4 word information page

Just for fun.. but i found that all this stuff most people already know about me.


Four family members:

Matty, Eileen, Jess, Paul

Four places that I go to over and over:

Mac(work) www.maccosmetics.com


Barnes and noble


Four people who e-mail me (regularly):

Jess, Mom, Jasmine , Paradox Models for christ LA and NY Newsletter

Four of my favorite places to eat:

anywhere (home with good company)

Four places I would rather be right now:

Europe, Africa, Canada or Hawaii

Four TV shows I watch over and over:

Extra, channel 5 news, channel 4 news, Channel 11 news


Four things in the room I’m in:

A chandelier, A down comforter, a space heater and rusty -amandas persian kit-kat   (he does NOT like to be alone)

Four concerts I’ve been to:

This one i will leave blank.. except for my little brothers performances

Four things on my calendar:

well i do not have a calender- i have a planner that i keep with me most of the time.. Things on it are… Working at MAC, due dates for projects in class.. LITTLE ETHANS DUE DATE! and Christmas.

Four fears:

Honestly and ultimately I am not Fearful of anything.. I don’t think its a good way to live.¬†¬†

but 4 petty things that make me uneasy are.. 1.Spiders..(who isn’t???-but this also goes for most insects-spiders being the worst..i can’t sleep WELL knowing any insect is in the same room as me)

2. Deep water..as in the undersea world.¬† I don’t think I could handle scuba diving.. I am not afraid of drowning because I can swim but I would never want to be stuck in the middle of an ocean somewhere swimming and not know whats going on below me.¬† Nope.. i can not do that. I had too many experiences at lakes and oceans when i was young with fish and yucky seaweed.. its just not my thing. :-/

3. Someone I love leaving me. Im not scared. just somthing I don’t like to think about.

4. Not being able to have my own children-when I’m ready.¬† This is somthing that plagues me.. Im not scared because I know there are¬†other ways ..¬†adoption being one of them, but i just hope¬†and pray¬†for my own someday.¬† God willing.¬†¬†

Four things in your purse or wallet

passport, my Mini cosmetics bag , tampons, cell phone, planner, some kind of frangrance, hand sanitizer wipes..( i always carry these) you never know when you’ll need them.¬† (i know there was just 4 but thats boring)

Four chores you hate doing:

Laundry (hate it) probobly because i don’t have my own machine..and it costs money every time, cleaning out my car, can you say boring, going to the bank,

Thats all i can think of..i don’t mind cleaning.

Four favorite animals:

Anything cute- squirrls, baby tigers, baby chicks and of course dogs(large)-but not ones that drool all the time, ( somthing BIG and protective)

Four speed dials on your cell phone:

voicemail, parents, MAC on henni- although, i never use speedial?

Four places you have called home:

My home travels wherever i go now. Although I have lived in about 8 different residencies.. over the course of 4 years..i have to say, I am enjoying the place im at now.. and where i live- one of the best.

Four favorite pieces of jewelry:

HAHA good question….. unfortunately i have never been spoiled by jewlery. Never owned anything I loved.¬† I had a necklace i wore everywhere once.. it was gold and had the number 7 (symbolising the weird thing I have with 7’s since I was born the 17th room 7. 7pm 1987. And grew up with a number 7 practicallly on every sports shirt I ever owned.. People have even called me seven. ANYWAYS. That was stolen¬†during one of the breakins when i lived in harlem.

Four websites you visit

www.yahoo.com , www.lovelo.wordpress.com, www.houstonstreetproductions.com/laurenoleary , www.myspace.com/leolucky777. www.pandora.com  the BEST free music site. I love it. customize your own station and listen to all your favorite music.

Four people who have been in your car:

matty, royce, kelsey, Anna

Four things you are wearing:

Red nail polish, tshirt, ponytail holder, Lotion

Four things you are looking forward to:

Christmas! , classes being OVER!!!!!!! , When Jess gives birth to little ethan! Geez hurry up. haha, The other is a secret.

Four favorite types of candy:

Peanut butter M&M’s , Black licorice , Heath and conversation Hearts.

Four sports teams you like:

any team who’s side im supposed to be on.

Four things found in your fridge:

probiotics (i will have to write about my love for these later), Pickles (these too), Mineral water, Green iced tea, mustard, sugar free raspberry jelly. lol am i grossing you out. ill stop.

Four rituals you do daily:

Drink Tea or coffee, take vitamins, pray, write

Four things currently within reach:

heater, phone, pillow, alarm clock.

Four things you know how to cook:

Lets just say im better at Baking. I can grill . Ill learn more.



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