In class tonight a line stood out to me.. Annie Dillard in “seeing”  wrote,  “Part of Loving is really SEEING, really KNOWING.”

yes.. this is true.. and it made me think of God and his grace.. how he will forgive us REGUARDLESS of seeing all and knowing all …everything about us..what we do and think.

Some things we’d rather not know and hear and see .. and forgiving is one thing..forgetting is another.. .. its pretty rough on the heart.


6 thoughts on “Languid

  1. What do you suppose that means? “Part of loving is really seeing, really knowing”. And how do you figure that it’s true? I need elaboration on this (right word? elaboration?)

  2. well.. i suppose i am thinking about it simply in the fact that part of Love is knowing someone’s ins and outs..good and bad.. seeing them for who they really are knowing their faults..their sin.. their bad nature along with good.
    God..does SEE and KNOW everything about everyone and yet.. we are all at different closeness’ with him. So..its about LOVE .
    Knowing and seeing someone through and through and still having the same LOVE for them. Like God still LOVES us..reguardless of distance..or how close we are to him..but because love is not really about any of those things…its deeper than that.

    I referred to it as a true statement..from my own perspecive that Part of LOVING……… definately is SEEING and KNOWING and still ACCEPTING, FoRGIVING and LOVING REGUARDLESS.

    did I now make more sense of what I said….or would you like to add your own statement.

  3. I agree with your explanation. When we know someone either over time or experience … and I mean … “really know them” the good; the bad; all of it …. it is only then that “Love” is tried and perfected. And that, to me, is what “marriage” is all about. When we love …. really, really love – we do see imperfection; disappointment; yet we continue to support; forgive; all of this is Love ….. and this is truly what our Maker does for us if we believe. He knows and I’m so glad that He does. We are deluding ourselves to think otherwise.

  4. Yeah, I guess it depends on what you you want to call brotherly, and sexual love. Because neither of those are unconditional, or not inherently at least.

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