For Women.


A lot has been on my mind lately about relationships, and the rights of a woman.    God consistently  lays it on my heart to talk to other Women.. women who are burdened..who are aching..who feel inferior.  I think this is one of my main passions in life…. and i intend to follow it, wherever it goes..and whatever I end up doing I want to share with others the thoughts in my mind..and the things on my heart..wheather that is through my writing or through speaking. 

I am often inspired by messages I recieve or things people say or share with ME…and that is why I continue..


Intended for YOU…….


You deserve nothing less than his complete respect.

You deserve to be honored, valued and treated with dignity .

You should never feel like something is holding you  back or tying you down.

 You should feel free to do what you want with your life….. no restraints, no limits.  

You deserve the ultimate best.

You have the right to be unsettled. Never just settle..

You are worth more than you know.

You are not an object and not to be are a woman.

You were created uniquely by God to stand out, and rise above.

You are in fact able to do great things.

You were created to be Loved with the Greatest Love imaginable.

You should stand tall when you walk…and know that nothing is impossible.

You all have gifts and talents to share.

You are able, you are capable, you are powerful.

Most of all.. You are Beautiful.  You can never be told this enough.


2 thoughts on “For Women.

  1. These are very powerful words. What a good reminder for us so as not to sell ourselves short. Relationships are not always easy. People change; situations are not static but respect and love make your words real. I believe the ticket is in valuing ones self; respecting ones self. So many of us don’t do that…. at least not often enough.

  2. This was out of my passion for women to believe they are beautiful..have the confidence to stand up for themselves. My words can be misconstrued..(as Royce had brought up to me..)
    this is not to say .. you are free to do what you want with your to do what you want with your flesh.. …..because i believe there ARE limits….I was saying ” Don’t sell yourself short” .
    Have the confidence to walk into any situation with courage.

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