Happy birthday to me

I was born on the 17th…1987 at 7 pm in room  7.  Guess you can say I’m surrounded by the number 7.

im gonna make it a good day. 22 sure does seem old…

oh well. the older I get the smarter Ill get ..hoefully.

Have a wonderful FEBRUARY” 17th everyone!!



3 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me

  1. In numerology, it’s common to add up the components of a number until you reach a single-digit number. Well, 1+9+8+7 = 25 And 2+5 = 7 … Did you know that?
    Sorry to introduce a sad note, but my Mum died on Sept. 27th 2007, or 09/27/2007, the month, day and year of which all add up to 9, which was also my Mum’s birthday and my Dad’s.
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Lauren ❤

    22 is NOT old… Just look at me!! :))

  2. Thats really interesting about numerology. I had not realized that before. It makes me wonder if their is some reasoning as to why these things happen this way?

  3. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
    That number 9 certainly connected my father and mother somehow… They’re together again now anyway, that’s for sure.

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