music helps get me through

Death. It’s not somthing I’ve had to really face before. My Grandpa died when I was really young..but this week brought on a whole new experience.  The day before my birthday my uncle passed away.  He was only in his 50’s and this thought overwhelmed me.    Only 2 days later..I got a call from my dad.  He was letting me know my grandma passed away.  TWO  in one week.  It definatly has shaken me up , i still don’t know if I’m thinking very clear.   It’s hard to focus on school work…. and get done things that need to when these things are still in the back of my mind… I just feel drained.  

Preparing for 2 funerals in the next week. I don’t like it but I can accept it. 

A song by India Arie, always been one of my favorites..but here is her singing it acoustic.  I Love the lyrics….

Another artist that is up and coming that I am currently LOVING is a woman by the name of Erin McCarley.  She has a song out called pitter pat.. that i Love.   Also, if you’ve seen the new movie in theatres called “He’s just not that into you”  ,  a song of hers is featured in the movie called, Love Save the Empty.  Also a great listen.  I will include a few videos I found on youtube .  Take time to listen if you’ve never heard her voice. 

 Love- LO


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