Feels so gooooood!

 I can’t believe how warm it is outside 80 degrees. Perfect day for citron green Ice tea.

I finished my nonficiton and memoir class portfolio!!! hooray! 🙂 

It feels so good to have it done and is sort of like a launching pad for me. This portfolio includes..

  • Paper no. 1 -6 pages
  • Revised paper no.1
  • Revision Narrative for paper no. 1
  • Paper no. 2- 9 pages
  • Revised paper no.2
  • Revision Narrative for paper no.2
  • Paper no. 3 – 11 pages
  • Revised paper no. 3
  • Revision narrative for paper no. 3
  • Self Assessment of my writing style  in nonfiction/memoir
  • Response to literary reading – ( I went to an irish pub to hear irish authors read)

It’s been a pretty productive day thus far…Besides for my port.  I got in a good weight training sesh…and cleaned my bathroom and bedroom. (we’re having visitors)


I heard a little frank sinatra while I was out driving today.

 Frank just makes you feel good..doesn’t he?! He does for me anyway. 

Here’s James Morrison singing “If you don’t want to love me” . Great song. As you can tell.. I can’t get enough of his voice.

oh!! And Ive been doing very good on my cutting back on coffee..I think I’m adjusting because I keep getting headaches but their subsiding a little more everyday.. feeling good.



2 thoughts on “Feels so gooooood!

  1. Lauren,

    What a lovely walk… I should go out and take one of my own. I’ve got to enjoy the cool weather here in Southern cali before it gets too too hot.

    And James Morrison was my husband in another life. AMAZING.

    Have a wonderful night sweetie!

    With Love,


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