Artsy Friday

Today I went home to spend a little time with my family and then go to my brothers musical at his school.

On the way home I stopped and had to pick up flowers for mi madre… 004  Carnations are a plain flower but they last a long time. And I really needed some bright yellow flowers to help lighten my mood so I couldn’t pass them up when I saw them.

Next was the home visit….with my mom, and matty…with my cats..simba and missy.  Missy is a cat we’ve had since I was 1 years old..she was 2 when we got her which makes her 23! She’s the forever living cat…  Simba our other cat is a striped orange/buff colored tabby. He’s the coolest thing around. And even though matty, my dad and Royce are allergic to him I love him to death.

We have two pictures hanging on our wall  in our house( we have more) but these two in particular I love….  I posted pictures of them below. I just think they’re fun to look at. The first one.. when I stare at it for a long time I start imagining my life in a place like that. I really love paintings/art or pictures that make you think.


Then it was off to matt’s musical. He was in the play Les miserables…..which I had never seen before and I loved every minute of it. Not just because I loved the story itself but I loved watching him too. My little brother actually kinda inspired me….(im actually thinking of taking more theatre classes next fall) we’ll see.

Im off to bed now …

Lots of LOVE-LO

ps. heres simba and missy below.



2 thoughts on “Artsy Friday

  1. I have a particular fondness for this night’s blog … inasmuch as it brings me closer to all of you. I’ve never met your cats.

    Now about Les Mis …. that is my all time favorite. The story and music are so touching. French Revolution !!! People revolting because of …. unfair taxes – not being able to make ends meet – no middle class — (sound familiar — its almost frightening!!! they say history repeats itself) but the love story intertwined in this musical is so well done. SO VERY WELL DONE!! A person experiences the love which was in the lives of a few individuals … its so very well done. It is quite a wordy book …. I believe the play – says all we need to know!! It’s a delightful Cliff Note !

    The flowers were lovely. Good choice … so very cheerful.

  2. Thanks Pat! Im glad I shared them on my blog then!

    You would of loved to see matty in the play… he was really great!
    The play is fantastic!!

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