MAC Eyeshadow: My Top 10 Picks for Medium Skin~Series

Hey Everyone!!

I hope you are all having a good week. Today is part 3 and I will be telling you my favorite MAC eye shadows for Medium skin tones.

First, I must boast about a product I am LOVING. It is Bobbi Brown’s Corrector. Am I the last person on the planet to try this?? Seriously, why did I not know this stuff existed. It has super powers. No, not really. But it’s amazing on dark circles. You still need  to use concealer after using this product but it takes out any dark shadow under the eye. Here is a link to see the product on the BB Website:

Now, for my top 10 MAC shadows for medium skin tones.

  • Woodwinked- a bonzey copper penny shade
  • Sable- a deep shimmery plum/brown
  • Mulch- a sparkly dark rich brown
  • Antiqued- a shimmery brown/red
  • Sumptuous Olive- a shimmery green olive
  • Amber Lights- a shimmery  bright copper/orange
  • Bronze-  a shimmery bronze
  • Shadowy Lady- a deep matte purple
  • Expensive Pink– a shimmery pinkish orange
  • Dazzlelight- a shimmery light yellow/white

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If you missed my top 10 shadow picks for light skin tones or fair skin tones here are those links:

Stay tuned in for the next part in this  series. I will name my top 10 Mac shadows for dark skin tones. Also coming up… A Pacifica perfume review, and a product that will help your nails grow long and healthy fast!!!

🙂 Thank you to my subscribers. I appreciate all of you and love you for following my blog.


“Be beautiful to my self first, and then to anyone else who cares to see me.” ~Maya Angelou


2 thoughts on “MAC Eyeshadow: My Top 10 Picks for Medium Skin~Series

  1. Thanks hun ~ I love the Expensive Pink..Do you have all these colors??? I need to step my MAC game up..I only have one MAC eyeshadow..But I love it..I have a few brushes and they are awesome..They last forever


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