Hair Extensions -Jessica Simpson Vs. Le Angelique

Hey Guys!!

I’ve got a few things to say about hair extensions. I’m a newbie to putting in fake hair but I have to say…it’s pretty cool! 🙂  I’ve tried two different types of clip-in’s and I want to tell you guys my thoughts.

Here is my intro video from YouTube to the hair extension battle….

The first is the Jessica Simpson HairDo Extensions. (I am just speaking about the type I tried which is the bump up the volume all in one clip in piece.) It looks like this.

This one is great if your hair is thick and you already have some natural volume in your hair. It works well with thicker hair…and it works well if you’re really going to tease and “bump up” your hair.

For me, since my hair is pretty thin… I found this all in one piece to be VERY challenging to put in and have it look natural. And the clips seemed to keep showing through in the crown of my head.

The other kind I’ve tried are the Le Angelique 7 piece set clip in extensions. These come in different size strips. You can choose to put a 3 prong strip, 2 prong or 1 prong..or you can put all of them in your hair on different parts of your head. I know what you’re thinking (this sounds challenging) but, it’s really not!  I found this one MUCH easier than the all in one piece. Reason being, these were far less visible clips when in my hair. Even though I have fine hair I could easily hide these and place them anywhere on my head. These are what the Le Angelique Extensions look like.

My conclusion is… if you have fine or thin hair go for a set of clip in extensions not just one large piece. The set’s like this Le Angelique one of 7 are more pricey than the Jessica Simpson brand but , they are very worth it!

Thank you all for reading..enjoy your night.



4 thoughts on “Hair Extensions -Jessica Simpson Vs. Le Angelique

  1. Oh oh oh! I LOVE the Jessica Simpson extensions, I have about 15 different wefts (luckily I got them at cost price through my salon). A mixture of 22″ straight and 23″ wavy. Highly recommended 🙂

    1. Hey Ashlee!
      So, you have some separate pieces not just one piece correct? You have 15 different wefts to put in …correct?
      I think it’s easier with separate wefts…

      🙂 Lauren

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