Hope for Women : Beauty and Crafts with Purpose

Hey Everyone!

I was so excited to hear about this business. And, I’m very excited to share it with all of you.

It’s called, HOPE FOR WOMEN. They are a member of the Fair Trade Organization and distributes products that are handmade by disadvantage women worldwide who receive sustainable employment by making these beautiful products.

All of the women are paid a  fair, livable wage under safe and healthy working conditions.

The products are sold in mainstream marketplaces. In Minnesota you can find these products at multiple locations including, Whole Foods, Seward Co-op, The Wedge, and more. There is handmade jewelry, cards, key-chains, and other knickknacks.

The incredible women who make these products come from Columbia, India and El Salvador.

Not only are these products fair-trade and  handmade by disadvantaged women worldwide but they are all eco-friendly and very creative and beautiful.

I love the concept of Hope for Women and I’m glad that I now know about it.


If you know of any other organizations, businesses or beauty lines doing fabulous things for others, giving back, or helping the disadvantaged, let me know about them! I would love to learn more about them and write about them so that I can do my part in spreading the word!

For more information about Hope for Women please go to : http://www.hopeforwomen.com/

Thank you all for reading; have a wonderful week!!!



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