Delicious Body Scrubs…


One of the best ways to unwind and relax is to take a bath. I forgot how wonderful that is.  When I move into a home someday, one of the top priorities will be that it has a wonderful bathtub…deep, and luxurious.

I used two very delicious body scrubs. I have used many scrubs and these two remain to be my favorite because of the delicious smell. The first is Lemongrass Sugar Salt Scrub by Aromafloria. It has a very sweet lemony scent that is so fragrant and rich.

You can find this at:

 Sensory Fusion Lemongrass Sugar Salt Scrub 12 ozThe second  is the Espresso Mud Body Scrub by Naturopathica. This scrub smells so strongly of espresso. I love the smell of coffee and coffee shops so this espresso scent is like heaven to me. It’s a bit more abrasive than the lemongrass body scrub but easily one of my favorites! You can find this at :

Talk to you all soon.




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