Mossimo® Sojourn Style Luster Weekend Duffle Bag

Hey Everyone!

Next month Royce and I are going up to a cabin on a small getaway. I’ve been thinking that I need a “weekend” bag, a large overnighter that can fit a couple of outfits, makeup, hair stuff, shoes etc.

I was at Target this evening and saw a large duffle bag that I thought would be a perfect overnighter. It’s normal price was $39.99 and this week they are on sale for $31.99. It’s a great size, and I love that it is all black with gold hardware. It has two hand straps and a large over the shoulder strap.

This was an awesome find and I think it’s super cute! There was also one in red and black but I liked the simple black better. If you want to go check it out online you can go to:  🙂

Here are some photos!

Just wanted to share! I love Target… 🙂

Love LO


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