Classic Beauty Look of Singer Adele


I don’t have Adele’s new album. But, I LOVE Adele’s voice. Both my husband and I agree, she has one of the most interesting female voices right now!! I can’t stop listening to her new song , “Rolling in the Deep”. Here is the video:

I found this photo of Adele on the cover of Rolling Stone and it really inspired me to share some “Adele Makeup Tips” from what I’ve observed in her photos and videos.

Recipe for Classic Adele Makeup…..

1. Liquid Black Eyeliner – Almost every photo I’ve seen of Adele, she has thick black eyeliner and it is often winged out into a cat-eye. Try MAC Cosmetics BOOT BLACK Eyeliner. 🙂

2. Neutral Shadow  or Black Eye Pencil -Adele always seems to have a black eyeliner on her lower lash line or a neutral brown eyeshadow smoked out underneath her bottom lash line. Try MAC SMOLDER black liner or MAC CORK eyeshadow.

3. Soft Pink Blush. Try MAC’s Pink Swoon. Adele has light skin, so a soft baby pink looks fresh and youthful.

4. Neutral Lip– I don’t think I’ve ever seen Adele with a super dark bold lip. It’s usually always pretty neutral.  Try MAC’s Half and Half lipstick.

So, there’s my tips. I think Adele is beautiful and her makeup reminds me of the classic bombshell Bridgette Bardot. 🙂




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