Eyelash Extensions…


My newest endeavor is learning the tricky skill of applying eyelash extensions. The popularity of them has been on the rise for a while now, with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Nicole Kidman and Gwen Stefani wearing them!

Eyelash extensions come in different lengths and thickness’ so you can have a customized look.  The best part is in the mornings you don’t need to apply mascara.  It’s the easiest way to wake up flawless. 🙂 A full set usually costs between $250 and $450 and fills are anywhere from $125 to $200.

Here’s my eyes with these luxurious lashes….

What have you heard about extensions? Would you try them?

 Love Lauren








3 thoughts on “Eyelash Extensions…

  1. LOVE them! How long do they last? Can you wear mascara with them for extra oomph, or does it make them wear of faster?

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