Interview with Napolean of Napolean Perdis Make Up

Hi Guys!

You have now seen my interviews with Makeup Artist Jemma Kidd, and Petra Strand of Pixi Make up .

The interview I have to share with you today is with Napolean of Napolean Perdis Makeup, make up artist and creator of the famous line! You can find his products in Target stores and on the website:

Here is my interview with Napolean:

1. How do you get your inspiration for
your spring/summer collections?


My inspiration stems from a
range of places: my family, friends, fashion, music, art and interior design.
But while my eye is focused on trends and popular culture, I’m always committed
to translating the directional into the doable each season. Women always want
wearable and that’s always top of mind.  

2. What is your favorite spring/summer
2011 trend?

A bold
lipstick. Lipstick is very much back and it’s the quickest way to create a
super-glam look. Try a ravishing red like NP Set Lipstick in Madrid. The
pigment-rich color promises to stay put even as the temps start to rise. Try my
beauty trick and line with a pencil after – not before — you’ve applied
lipstick to create a more natural and defined lip look.

3. As a creative person, what are some
other creative things you like to do?

I’ve always
loved to travel. It could be a weekend getaway to my home in Palm Spring or a
trip abroad to Malaysia or Prague, I’m always fascinated by different cities
and I love to seek out the beautiful architecture, art and history – it really
inspires me.


4. What is your top beauty tip? It can be


Mascara, mascara,
mascara! It’s a beauty godsend and
instantly brightens up the eyes and frames the rest of your look. I say apply mascara three times during: A coat
right after foundation and concealer, one following eye shadow application and
once more after lipstick. Make sure you get the brush
right into the base of the lashes for added definition.

 Thank you so much Napolean!








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