Organizing Lipsticks- Japonesque Lipstick Palettes

Hey Guys!

We finally have the internet back! And, this weekend we added a new addition to the family. Now, I realize that this is a BEAUTY blog, and that’s what I intend to keep it. But, I must show you our new dog. She’s a one year old, Australian cattle dog. She is mixed with something else, but we do not know what. If you have any ideas feel free to post what you think she is mixed with! 🙂


Alright so I have been on a mission to get organized! We just moved into a new place and I just want things to look nice and be easy to find! One of these projects includes organizing my makeup. 

I learned a very valuable lesson when trying to organize my lipsticks. That lesson is **Don’t skimp on the organizer! I bought 2 watercolor palettes to try to organize them in. It was an absolute mess and very difficult and time-consuming…

This did not turn out so well. Then, I received and tried the Japonesque lipstick palettes. These are WAY worth it!!!!

The Japoneque palettes make it easy with deep enough divided sections so that you can organize your lipsticks and use them

on a job! I would recommend only scraping a little bit of each lipstick you want into the divided sections so that they do not get old and go bad. 

It is convenient, affordable, and best of all sleek and organized. Japonesque also sells lipstick palette kit for mixing! 

Japonesque has easily become one of my favorite brands for organizing makeup. I LOVE it! The website is:

Have a great week everyone! More to come very soon.

Love- Lauren

Disclaimer: I was sent the lipstick palette from Japonesque but I was not paid for this post and my opinions are honest and this post was my choice to write. 🙂 


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