Temporary Lip Tattoos: Violent Lips for Halloween 2011


First it was temporary tattoos for the body, then it was nail decal stickers, now it’s lip tattoos! Violent Lips are temporary lip tattoos that you cut to fit the shape of your lips, stick on, and wear up to 8 hours! There are all different types of styles and designs that are fun and funky for whatever look you are going for.

Since tomorrow is Halloween, and I’m not really dressing up I figured I’d show you all what the lip tattoos I have look like. The three designs I had were the: 

Hot Pink Glitter

Light Pink Glitter and 

Pink Leopard print.


I think these would be the perfect addition to a Halloween costume. There are so many designs to pick from. Go the their website to view all of the different types! http://www.violentlips.com/   

If you are looking to buy some in time for Halloween, I know you can find them at ULTA Beauty Supply stores. 🙂 

Here are some tips for applying them:

  1. There are marks on the back that show you where to cut, use that as a guide but don’t use it exact. Most people’s lips won’t fit the exact shape, so cut it to fit the shape of YOUR lips, otherwise you’ll end up with lips that don’t look like yours!
  2. Make sure your lips are dry and clean. If you try to apply these with anything on your lips, they will not stick well. 
  3. After you apply the tattoo to your lips smooth it out with more water to get rid of any creases or edges that are coming up. You want them to look smooth and even.
Lip tattoos are definitely fun and make a statement! The perfect addition to your Halloween costume, if you can find them!!

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