B3 Barista Bath and Body- The Perfect Holiday Gift for Coffee Lovers

Hey Guys! 

Two things I love, the smell of coffee and beauty products. Now, they’re all rolled into one and you can actually have coffee in your shower! It’s a great way to wake up in the morning. 

I discovered a new line of bath and body products called B3 Barista Bath and Body. A whole bath and body product line dedicated to coffee and it’s delicious smell! 🙂 

 B3 products are formulated with organic coffee, coffee extract, essential oils and herbal extracts to maximize the therapeutic benefits of coffee.  These formulations use pure essential oils for fragrance rather than phthalates (which I guess are bad for you). 

The products I tried recently are the “Perk it up” shampoo and the “Soothe those jitters” conditioner. So, I thought how great can these really work? Will they make my hair soft; will they really smell like coffee? The answers are YES and YES!!!

These smell JUST like a coffee shop, the rich delicious smell when you’re making a fresh pot of coffee or you walk into a coffee house. The shampoo especially is so strongly coffee scented that you BETTER like coffee to like these! The other amazing news is that they really leave my hair super soft and easy to comb through. Often times, I use two conditioners because some don’t get my hair soft and tangle free, but this really does the job and smells scrumptious! 

Now, the only problem is I wish I had all of these amazing buzz worthy coffee bath and body products! 🙂 Go take a look at: http://www.b3products.com/  The packaging on these products is very simple, I would love to see the packaging spiced up a bit and the product line expanded! Hopefully, once people catch word at how awesome this bath and body line is, it will expand to more and more products.

I’m dying to try the “One Lump or Two” Body Scrub and the “Room For Cream” Body Cream.one lump or tworoom for cream


LOVE Lauren


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2 thoughts on “B3 Barista Bath and Body- The Perfect Holiday Gift for Coffee Lovers

  1. Wow!!!! So many thanks for introducing these products to me!!

    No only is the smell amazing, the shampoo, conditioner and body wash work wonders. I can’t decide if the Triple Shot body wash or the Room for Cream body lotion is my favorite but they are both great. I think the shea butter in the body lotion/cream makes it work so well and it feels so luxurious.

    I noticed that they are also having a holiday special right now. Everything’s on sale and no shipping costs. I’m going to order some more!!!


    1. Hi Julie!
      I am so glad you love these products and I introduced them to you!! I loved them so much too!!!
      🙂 They smell so good!

      Have a great week, thanks for reading my posts!


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