Announcement- Official Blog Change


I said it would happen, and I’ve decided today is the day. This blog that you are reading right now will now be Lovelo Beauty (My Beautiful Life) and it will be my personal life. My OFFICIAL BEAUTY BLOG will be here: Lovelo Beauty.  All of my product reviews, and talk about beauty and style will all be on my official website and blog. 

This blog will now transition into my personal blog and will include tidbits of my life, photographs, stories, poems, family, pets…and anything else that I want to post about but is not for my MAIN BEAUTY WEBSITE.

If you are subscribed to this blog and will miss all my talk about beauty, make SURE you go over and subscribe to LOVELO BEAUTY.  If you scroll down on the page there is a box on the right hand side that says, “subscribe to lovelo beauty”, all you need to do is fill in your e-mail and you will remain getting updates of my beauty blog. All of the content that has been on this blog for the last couple months , has also been over on my official website. 

I’d also love a huge favor from all the fans of this site. Please go over and “like” and share with your friends or viewers my Lovelo Beauty Facebook Page. I would love to get to 300 likes by the weekend!!

THANKS TO EVERYONE and I’ll see you over there! If you want to keep following my personal life, feel free…I’d be honored, but I’d appreciate your support on my new website. xoxo



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