Sometimes it’s the Little Things…Like Iced Tea

As I sit here and write this, I’m laying in bed with the dog on my left hand side, and the cat on my right hand side. It’s moments like this that I realize I like the little moments and little things in life.

Sometimes, there is too much big stuff that get’s in the way of recognizing the little things we love. When you are bogged down with problems that seem too large to handle, I urge you to look at the little things in your life that are so good. The simple pleasures. One of my favorite simple pleasures is iced tea. ESPECIALLY in the summer.

I make big pitchers of iced tea at home but I also LOVE the green iced tea at Starbucks. I bought the same kind and make it myself, but it never tastes the same as getting it there. It’s little things like iced tea, painting my nails, candles, a clean house, going outside and playing fetch with the dog, flowers for the house…that make getting through a rough time much better!

Hope your all having a bright and cheerful, amazing day!!!!!

xoxo Love, Lauren


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