Bra Strap Ponytail Holder?! By Capelli New York


Hey Guys,

I wanted to share a hair accessory I am loving right now! It has been a blessing with styling, because with these I can use them and they do not create a dent! That way, I can put my hair back at night before I go to bed, and in the morning I don’t have to worry about a crease in my hair if I want to style it down. These ponytail holders are silky and don’t pull or tug at your hair; they’re extremely gentle and look good on your wrist. :)

So, check out Bra Strap Ponytail holders by Capelli New York. I found these at Ulta. There are 10 in a pack and they were $10.

Another company that makes these is called Emi-Jay Hair Ties. I have not tried these , but they look identical and I’m sure they work just as good. The Emi-Jay ones come in all different colors , patterns, and styles. The Emi-Jay Hair Ties started by from two teenage girls. A portion of all of their profits goes to Locks of Love. Winter 2012 Collection

They are definitely my new favorite hair accessory! Have you tried these yet?? If not, I HIGHLY recommend you do. :)

Love, Lauren

Check out LOVELO BEAUTY ON FACEBOOK!!! ;) Love ya!


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