Homemade Oatmeal Brown Sugar Body Scrub!

Hey Guys!

I made the BEST homemade body scrub the other day and had to share it with you! I have been really into making my own products these days. One of the biggest reasons I love doing that is that you know exactly what ingredients are going into your product! Plus, it’s super fun. :)

I shared with you all a brown sugar body scrub, but this is an OATMEAL brown sugar scrub. The reason I wanted oatmeal in this scrub is that oatmeal is a soothing and calming agent for the skin!

The ingredients that I put in this are:

Brown Sugar


Olive Oil

Vanilla Extract (for a delicious smell)

You should use a large bowl, put both however much brown sugar and oatmeal you want in the scrub, then add a little olive oil and keep adding olive oil until you get the consistency you want. At the very end, add a little vanilla extract.

The best part about this body scrub is that it smells and reminds of of cookie dough batter for some reason. It’s an amazing scrub to use in the shower! Hope you will try it out.


LOVE, Lauren

And, if you don’t hear from me, have a VERY happy, very thankful, Thanksgiving!!!


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