Photoshoot with Nina Francine Photography-And How to Survive Mosquito Bites on Your Face!

Hey Guys!

The other night I did makeup for a photoshoot with Nina Francine Photography. I love Nina and she does amazing work-we’re a good team! I wanted to share some photos with you from the shoot. If you want to see more -go check out my facebook page, the entire album is there! The models name is Kaelie, she is beautiful!

During the photo shoot, we were in a field, and I got bit by mosquitos, not just anywhere-but 4 times on my face?! How did that happen you ask…I’m not sure, I didn’t even feel them. All the sudden my skin just itched like crazy and I went inside and realized I had 4 HUGE welts on my face where the mosquito bites had swelled. Whenever I get bit-they swell, but these were huge. So, I didn’t want to stop in the middle of the shoot and just not work so this is how you get through it if you ever get bit!

First, take an antihistamine- like an allergy pill or a benedryl. Next- try the Benedryl GEL . I will insert a picture so you know what I’m talking about. This stuff is clear, stops the itching so that the swelling can go down, almost immediately!!! Apply directly to the areas where you get bit. If you have the unfortunate luck of getting bit on the face like I did, make sure you apply this overnight to your face…Do not scratch the bites! When you have to get up and go to work the next day, just apply a little makeup over the bites like you would a blemish and your good to go. Just don’t scratch! Keep applying this gel when you can! :)

Hope you all have a mosquito-free remainder of your summer…those things are pests!




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