The Ultra Luxurious Gold and Diamond Face Masks and Eye Pads by Knesko Skin


I am a lucky girl. To put it simply, I felt like a Queen getting to try out the luxurious Gold and Diamond Face Masks and Eye Pads by Knesko Skin. These are the ultimate way to treat yourself to a spa-like facial experience at home.

There are four different products I tried , The Diamond Radiance Face Mask and Eye Pads. These help add youthful radiance to the skin, brightens, tones, diminishes the appearance of fine lines increases hydration and more. One of the main ingredients in these diamond radiance skin treatments is diamond powder which helps exfoliate and brighten your skin.


The other two products are theNanoGold Repair Face Mask and Eye Pads. These help reduce inflammation, brighten, tone, combat dryness, stress and fatigue, and diminish fine lines.

These masks and under eye pads are so luxurious feeling on the skin, they are made of a very flexible gelly-like material which feels so soothing and relaxing.

I used these before a big trip, and while I had a bit of a cold; Both times that I needed my skin to have a boost!! I immediately noticed the tightening of my pores, and brightened overall appearance of my skin after using them.

I think I spotted them on the Giuliana and Bill show on the style network a few weeks ago. :) I was thrilled about that. I would use these daily if I could afford to!

So, whether you need to treat yourself like a Queen for a day, or give you skin a boost and youthful glow, you would LOVE these . They are the ULTIMATE in face masks and under eye pads! Go take a look for yourself on the website: Knesko Skin

Love, Lauren

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