Positivity and Social Media

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, pure, lovely,  admirable, anything excellent and praiseworthy, think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

What I’m about to say may seem a little dark to some of you, maybe a little weird or creepy. But it’s the truth and I’ll explain my thoughts behind it. Many times when I’m on Facebook,  I have this thought running through my mind before I post,  “what would I want people to remember me by? If I was suddenly gone tomorrow… would I want this to be my last post? The last thing people read that I wrote.”  MOST of the time-this thought stops me from posting anything negative.

Just as a disclaimer, I am not writing this to make any of you feel bad who post negative or offensive things on social media; everyone does it! And, I’m also NOT saying I’ve never posted anything negative or heartbreaking, I HAVE.  A lot of times when we’re going through something difficult or even just having a bad day, instead of keeping it bottled up inside, we turn to social media (like Facebook or twitter) and post about it for everyone out there to read!! We do this because it helps release some of that pain or frustration by voicing it. Back in the day  you had to talk to someone face to face about your problems, or see a counselor, now we can use social media to talk about our issues.

The  point I want to make is when we post something negative it only makes ourselves feel better, not the other people out there reading it. Most people reading it are either:  1. not going to care, 2. feel sad about it and feel bad for you or 3. it’s going to add to the negativity they already feel with whatever other issues they are facing at that time. We all have a lot of “tough stuff” to deal with day-to-day.

A few years ago, a childhood friend of mine passed away and I remember how weird it was to see that she had posted on Facebook just the night before she was gone. THAT incident was what made me start to think in this way, ” what would I want my last post on Facebook to say?” I know for me, I’d want it to be something, positive , encouraging, uplifting, inspiring or even just showing my passion for what I do and people I love and care about. Believe me when I say, there are SO many times I am on Facebook and I want to post a huge rant about something or how crappy the weather is, or how disappointed , sad or frustrated I am about something. But, then I try to ask myself, who is that helping?

Can you even imagine being on Facebook and seeing a bunch of positive, uplifting, inspiring posts from people before you start your day , or before you go to bed? Positivity is contagious. Beauty is inspiring. It would be amazing to only see things like that. (I know it’s not realistic, but it sure would be super cool.)

I am also NOT saying , fake your happiness online even though you feel crappy. My life is far from perfect.. and I’m not positive and happy all the time, I just have made a choice to try to refrain from posting when I’m not in a “positive mood” because that’s not how I would want people to remember me by. The funny thing about that is, that’s sort of why I have my blog and why I’ve always loved writing in the past. It’s a place where I can have the freedom to write down my true thoughts and people can CHOOSE to read it or not. Writing has always been a great creative outlet for me. I understand things better by writing them down, and it always makes me feel better. So, unlike a blog, if you’re on  Facebook and post something, people really don’t have a choice but to see it. 🙂

So, if you REALLY want to know how I think and feel-subscribe and read my blog. Lol.. kidding. But seriously; this post was just meant to get you all thinking about social media and what you put out there. We all need more positivity in our lives, so consider this when you post, “would I want this to be my last one?”

I also wanted to mention-if you’re still interested in my “beauty blog” , about all things beauty related, that is going to be over on my website: http://www.laurenolearybeauty.com

Til’ my next post!



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