About Time- Thoughts Inspired by a Movie

The other night I watched the movie, “About Time”. This movie had a big impact on me because recent events in my life have given me a lot of clarity about the importance of the decisions we make and how life can change in an instant. You have to make the most of each second.

The main character is able to use time travel to go back and re-do things he wishes he’d have done differently to get a different outcome. He can ultimately use it to make life a little more like he’d wish it to be.

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe that time is the best gift you can give someone. Our time is so valuable. Recently, I’ve been telling myself is to take every opportunity and chance I have available! In the past few months I have traveled to Mexico, New York, Chicago and in a few weeks I will be in Hawaii. One of my favorite things to do in life is travel, explore and discover new beautiful things, places and people. If it is something that is on my heart or in my mind to do, I’m going to do it, because those chances may never be available again! Fear is always what stops us. And, fear is not a real thing…it is a choice we make when we choose to worry about what COULD happen in the future. In the past I’ve let the fear of finances stop me from taking risks and doing things I love, but… somehow I’ve been letting go of that and realizing that I can make it work, I will be ok.

Unlike the main character in this movie, we cannot travel back in time and re-do anything from our past. Many times I think we wish there are things we could un-say, or un-do in order to change the outcome, but the fact is that we make choices in those moments and they cannot be un-done. Many times we feel we made mistakes. The best we can do with that is to make the best out of the situation, forgive, move on and choose to be wiser next time. Live in the moment; not the past, or the future…make each moment of your life so amazing that you never think about or wish you could travel back in time.

Change goes hand in hand with time. The more time goes on, the more things change. Sometimes, ONE decision we make can change the entire course of your life. Change is a good thing most of the time, it forces us to grow, learn and move forward. This is definitely a season of HUGE changes for me. Most days, I’m totally ok, happy and accepting of the changes and determined to move forward, but other days… it hits me like a ton of bricks how drastically different my world is from just a short time ago. It’s those moments that I realize my strength, that I can get through it; choosing to be grateful for everything and everyone in my life, and knowing that things are going to be ok. They’re going to be more than ok, they’re going to be great!

In the words of my brother , “life’s happening”. So, I’m just going to let life happen, accept the changes, try to make the best decisions, make the most of the moments, and trust that things will fall into place.

My final thoughts leave me with a question-one that I ask myself. At what point do I choose to once again follow my heart and put distance between myself and the people that mean most to me ? Is it worth moving away from those I love the most to seek new challenges , experiences and dreams?

photo (6)

Til’ my next post!

Love, Lauren

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