Fresh Blonde Color by the Revolver Salon at Ricky’s NYC & UPDATE

Hey Guys!

I have some updates and things to share. With any transition comes many new things.

The first thing I have to share is that my blog is going through a bit of an editing and updating stage, and I will be customizing it with a fresh new layout and look for 2015. Second, I will be moving into a new place come the first of the year with great lighting and I’d like to get back to making “video blogs” and uploading them to this site.  Third, now that I am in New York, beauty services, places and products are everywhere and at my fingertips. I plan on reviewing and sharing my thoughts on the latest and greatest in beauty in and outside of NYC.

That means, if you don’t live in New York, you will have a full list of places and things to check out when you visit me, (or I mean visit NY).

I was due for some highlights , my blonde color was fading and my roots needed a little touching up. Ricky’s NYC and Revolver Salon helped me out! Ricky’s is a huge beauty supply store here in New York with many locations all over the city, and surrounding boroughs. The really talented James Joyce at The Revolver Salon located in the Ricky’s Store located in Chelsea (for all of you who don’t know; that’s a neighborhood in NY, It was at 8th avenue and 17th street), did my color and blowout.

I was so happy with the way it turned out, as I IMG_4445like my blonde like the ABC’s and he got all three, 1.ASHY, 2. BLENDED, and 3. COMPLIMENTARY to my skin tone. Right now, my skin is pretty fair currently and I like the way this ashy light blonde suits my coloring. James was fun to talk to and we were immediate friends sharing tips and tricks in the industry. He also was quick and precise with his application and very knowledgable about hair color and passionate about his art! 🙂 He flipped through his i-phone and shared many cool pictures of lots of bold color jobs he does on clients; it was fun to see the transformations!

If you want more information about Revolver Salon at Ricky’s you can click on the website here. Also, feel free to e-mail me with any questions!



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Fragrance Reviews for Spring 2013- Hits and Misses

Hey Guys!

One of the most fun things about being a girl, is collecting perfume and picking out a scent to wear each day. I remember even as a little girl, I would look at my grandma’s makeup vanity with perfume bottles and be so intrigued. I’ve always been obsessed with the unique and beautiful glass bottles that women display and use to make themselves smell nice. Now, I house my perfume in a beautiful curio cabinet.

There is one perfume to this day that will always have a special place in my heart, it’s AMOR AMOR by Cacharel. I started using it when I lived in New York, then I work it all the time when I was dating my husband. It’s an amazing scent to me because it brings back so many memories.

Fragrances are sort of magical in that way-they unlock many memories.

Here is my video of some recent perfumes I’ve been loving for the spring and my honest thoughts on each. Some are hits, some are misses.

Here’s a list of fragrances I showed in this video:

Also check out my Minnesota Zoo Vlog that I filmed last week. :)





Must Read This Book : Girl Perfect by Jennifer Strickland

I’ve always wanted to write a book…to tell my story that I hope would help encourage and lift up girls everywhere. I’ve been through a lot in my 25 years. I know, I know, I sound like an old lady telling you how much I’ve experienced in my life. But, I’m not ashamed, I do feel that way.

Never in my life have I heard a story so similar to mine. One that touched me so deeply it made me bawl my eyes out. I recently finished reading Jennifer Strickland’s book ” Girl Perfect”. It is a true story about her life as a model and how she found God, accepted Christ as her Savior and changed her path. While some thought she was living a luxurious, dreamy life of a model, she was dying. She was dying because of her lifestyle and the things she was choosing to fill her time with. After finding out the true perfect one, God, and trying to stop being perfect herself and live up to everyone else’s desires and wants she FREED herself and found happiness and fufillment. All she wanted was to be loved.

I think so many of us can relate to feeling like we are not good enough, we are not perfect enough, we’re always chasing the ideal IMAGE of beauty, but instead we should be looking to the one who is truly beautiful and who created us, GOD. He will fufill all of our needs, he will make our paths perfect, he will guide, protect, love, and care for us. We just need to CHOOSE HIM!

This book is a MUST READ. It is truly one of the best books I’ve read and so similar to all of the feelings and experiences I went through while I was modeling in New York. Her story has differences than mine, but her reasoning was the exact reasoning I left the industry as well. It was a destructive life; a life I would have never found happiness. I was sick of living up to other peoples expectations, being picked apart for each aspect of the way you look ALL the time, only being known for my pictures, the way I look. I was struggling from an eating disorder and knew I was dying in the process, knowing that if I stayed in New York and kept up all of the same habits, I would die. I was not living. I was trying to be perfect.

I had to completely turn away from it all and start new. I wanted something normal. I wanted to feel FREE TO BE ME and not constantly called on castings to be rejected and accepted, up and down; I was on a roller coaster.

Please read this book…it will really make you think, hopefully inspire you and also share with you SO MANY TRUTHS. You can find it on Amazon here:

Someday, hopefully soon… I will write a book. My story..a very true and honest story.



Luxury Perfume and Candles~ Tocca Beauty

Hi Guys!

Tocca, the brand meaning “Touch” in Italian is a luxurious clothing, and beauty brand. I know it for its fragrances and candles. The first time I saw Tocca products I was in an Anthropology store and saw the beautiful perfume bottles.  

I think an important thing about fragrance is not only the smell itself but the bottle it comes in. Fragrance is something that always sparks the memory to feel something or remember something and the bottle adds to that feeling.  I just love the way these look!

Tocca’s candles and perfumes are named with female names. My favorite of all the names and scents is “Bridgette”. These were even named after the famous french model and actress “Bridgette Bardot”.

I like these two because like I said a fragrance can often reminds me of New York. When I was modeling and acting in New York, some of the makeup artists on set used to call me “baby Bridgette” after Bridgette Bardot. I did a photo shoot channeling Ms. Bardot…here is a special treat, some of those shots.

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If you’d like to find out more about Tocca , their beauty line and clothing go to :

FTC MAN: Tocca sent me products for possible review. I was not paid for this post and my thoughts and opinions expressed are honest .